Baseball Alum Leads Yankees in Win

Notorious for starting the season slowly, Yankees first baseman, and Georgia Tech alum, Mark Teixeira hit his first home run of the season on Sunday April 18. 

Teixeira's blast came in the bottom of the third inning with the Yankees trailing the Texas Rangers 2-1. Batting left-handed, Teixeira hammered a fastball from Ranger's pitcher Rich Harden into the upper-deck in right field.

Teixeira led the American League in homers with 39 last season, but had been batting an ice-cold .100 (4-40) before hitting his first homer of 2010.

"My teammates have been carrying me up to this point," said Teixeira after the game.

Yankees fans hope Teixeira can return the favor and carry his team to back-to-back World Series titles.

Ex-RB Tests Positive for Drugs

Former B-back Jon Dwyer tested positive for drugs in February when he was preparing for the combine.

However, Tech fans can breathe easy knowing that Dwyer's positive test was a result from his prescribed ADD medication.

Dwyer says that the NFL has approved of his medication and that this positive test should not hurt his draft stock.

However, the AJC reported that Dwyer said that one of the NFL doctors had forgotten to put Dwyer's name on the exemption list. This mistake has caused every sports media outlet to pick up the story and thus shedding a negative light on Dwyer and the Tech program.

No worries, every sports media outlet has also reported that Dwyer's positive test was because of his prescribed medication, so Dwyer should still get drafted in the second round of the NFL Draft.

What's in a name?

Tech quarterback Josh Nesbitt is going through a lot right now. 

Nesbitt has just witnessed his best running back and best wide receiver enter the NFL Draft and leave him as the team's sole senior leader.

Nesbitt also has the pressure of repeating as ACC-champs, beating Georgia, and finally winning a bowl game.

With all of that pressure, Nesbitt needed to get off to a strong start this spring, but Nesbitt suffered an ankle injury before spring practices really got started. 

As if Nesbitt needed anything more to get Tech fans talking, Nesbitt just recently announced a bombshell... He is demanding that he be called "Joshua" not "Josh".

JOSHUA Nesbitt said that he wants to be called by the name that his family and friends refer to him as.

As long as Nesbitt completes those three goals stated above, he could change his name to Reggie Ball and Tech fans would still love him... Well maybe not.